About Us

Performance Enhancement Group, Ltd. (“PEG”) is an organizational development consulting firm. As such, our activities are focused on helping our clients improve their individual, team, and organizational performance. We do this by working in partnership with our clients to develop and implement processes designed to enhance employee and customer relationships.

We believe Arie de Geus (of Royal Dutch Shell) was right when he said that “learning faster than your competitors is the only sustainable competitive advantage in an environment of rapid innovation and change.” Because of that conviction, we make a point of ensuring that our clients are learning something important and valuable to them in each and every engagement.

Simply stated, our mission is to help our clients learn how to effect improved organizational performance. Our role in that process is to identify and apply quantitative measures to business areas that typically don’t get measured such as customer relationships and human resources.


PEG is a Limited Liability Company which was established in early 1992 by its founding members, Mr. Rob Shoss and Mr. Lynn Greene. They brought over twenty-five years of independent consulting experience together with a shared vision for quantifying organizational performance in ways it had historically not been measured. From its inception, the company has continued to develop robust and reliable systems of metrics for organizational planning and development.


  • Alumni feedback/research and consulting
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employee Culture Surveys
  • Applications of the Birkman Method®
  • Teambuilding
  • Strategic Alignments
  • Employee Selection and Placement
  • Team Effectiveness Training
  • Process Improvement Training


  • Rob Shoss
  • Lynn Greene
  • Jonathan Bischof
  • Allison Manning
  • Ally Lamb
  • Jonathan Gaines
  • Kayla Brown