Employee Surveys

In order to effectively meet the needs of our customers, we must first meet the working needs of our employees. Learning what those needs are is sometimes difficult at best. However, that knowledge is among the most important information that your organization can collect. Imagine the value of having your employees tell you their perceptions of various aspects of the organization: management effectiveness; the quality of the products and services as produced by the organization; the extent to which the culture is conducive to high performance; what obstacles to high performance they experience; and other pertinent performance information. As much as most companies would like to have this information, they typically don’t have a process in place to capture it. Learning from employees may ultimately be more important than learning from customers! Take guesswork, hunches, and anecdotal information out of the equation by establishing a quantitative methodology for regularly checking in with the workforce.

Employee Satisfaction

Employees are a key element of any successful organization. They are the company -from one end of the organization chart to the other. The extent to which your company provides a satisfying work environment and meets the employees’ workplace needs ultimately affects your organization’s financial success and its relationships with your customers. To understand employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction in your company -what their needs are, what drives their perceptions about the organization, as well as how well the organization provides services to them -you must ask them.

Additionally, you need to assess the current situation in your company regarding “internal customer satisfaction.” Providing high quality goods and services to your external customers is dependent on each and every “internal vendor” doing the very best for their internal customers at every step in the work process. Understanding process breakdowns and bottlenecks is at the very core of process improvement, and only the internal customers really know how well the processes are performing.

Openness with Anonymity

It is important to develop and deploy an effective employee feedback system that asks your employees to provide information openly and honestly. If the employees do not believe that their responses will remain anonymous, then they either will not respond at all or will tell you what they think you want to hear. Often, despite best intentions, a survey which is developed and administered in-house is viewed with suspicion by employees, at least regarding the possibility that they may be identifiable respondents.

Performance Enhancement Group provides a variety of services which help get to the root of employee perceptions about the organization. Such information should be:

  • Quantitative/measurable — We bring quantitative rigor to areas where it has historically been lacking.
  • Actionable — We make sure that your results help guide your company to action.


We can assist you with these issues in a number of ways, including:

  • Designing a customer feedback system that works for your individual business
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Corporate culture assessment
  • 360 degree performance assessment
  • Internal customer/vendor analyses
  • Designing and conducting employee feedback studies
  • Designing the study and choosing the best method for data collection
  • Developing the survey instrument(s)
  • Conducting all facets of the study
  • Reviewing the results with you
  • Providing recommendations for improvement
  • Working with you to design and implement action plans to improve your relationships with your employees