Team Building

As you know, effective teambuilding is important to the success of your organization. The issues surrounding team-based productivity and self-directed work teams make it imperative that you develop teambuilding techniques that work and have a lasting, positive effect.

Business As Usual

Many companies have put their staff through a “team building” process hoping for increased team productivity and performance. Unfortunately, many have also experienced results that have fallen short of expectations.

The single biggest reason a team building experience does little to improve performance lies in the short-term nature of the “experience” itself. The program ends with enthusiasm running high, but when everyone gets back to the office — nothing has changed. The same urgencies exist, and within a week, the enthusiasm has vanished and old behaviors resurface.

Fix your systems — not your people

Often your first step to building an effective team is to honestly evaluate why team breakdowns occur. Avoid the trap of “fixing” your people, they are rarely “broken”. More commonly, there is a problem in the systems and processes currently in place. Team members can learn to fix these systems. This is teambuilding at its best – and a sure sign of a learning organization.

At Performance Enhancement Group, Ltd., we provide “team training” – teambuilding
that gets results. The secret to “team training” is providing a learning forum for your employees.
As the team learns how to make a difference in the workplace, teambuilding occurs naturally. The learning
forum may include developing and acquiring new skills or behavior modification. We help you:

  • Identify the elements standing in the way of team performance
  • Design a process to directly address these elements as a learning experience
  • Design team processes that your teams can implement and apply in the workplace